Once upon a time I was a little girl obsessed with taking photos.

I spent hours taking photos on a tiny automatic 35mm film camera that was a hand me down from my grandmother. I’d dress up my little sister and my cousins and take them outside to pose for photos, costing my parents scads of money to have photos developed at the local drug store. Eventually someone was smart enough to put an SLR in my hand, which eventually lead to all the requisite student art show awards and my father building a darkroom in our house so I could develop my own film and make prints for hours on end. Some days I still dream of that dark room and secretly scheme of convincing my husband to build one in the basement of our 110 year old house.

ten years ago, I started a blog.

I was a recent grad school graduate who’d found myself unemployed at the onset of the recession and one afternoon decided to start a blog on a whim as a way of passing the time between rounds of emailing my resumé to anyone with a pulse in a 100 mile radius. Ten years later said blog, The Sweetest Occasion, is recognized as one of the world’s foremost entertaining blogs. Over the years I’ve booked campaigns with hundreds of brands to create beautiful imagery as a social media influencer, stylist and brand partner. While my partner in all things photography Alice G. Patterson stands behind the camera, I obsess over every last prop and food crumble. Together we have taken tens of thousands of images for brands. This site serves as a highlight reel of our portfolio, bringing together my discerning editorial eye, creative direction and marketing background with her camera wizardry to make a little magic.